This is Training


By training in Wales, you’ll get to choose from dozens of flexible, high quality specialty training programmes and receive support from experienced doctors who can support your development.

Indemnity covered

All your medical indemnity needs are taken care of by the Welsh Risk Pool. This means you’ll be covered in full whether you’re based in hospital or general practice. You could save around £1500 in your second year of training, and around £2400 in your third year.

Financial incentives

Training as a GP in areas which have had long term difficulty filling places is also going to be encouraged through the introduction of an incentive scheme.  This scheme will see trainees receive a total of £20,000 on the understanding they remain in the area in which they took a training placement whilst they train and for one year of practice afterwards.

A second incentive of a one-off payment of £2,000 to be paid to all GP specialty training programme trainees to help cover their final exams following study in Wales is also being introduced. Incentives will be in place in time for the August 2017 intake.

Contract that gives you more

Our new Education Contract is unique. That’s because it guarantees you access to all the outpatients clinics, theatre sessions, ward rounds and other educational opportunities you need.

High satisfaction

The 2016 GMC Trainee Survey revealed information about the standard of medical training in Wales. We came top out of the four UK nations in terms of overall satisfaction with trainee GP’s ranking their experiences as positive in terms of satisfaction, experience, induction and clinical supervision.

Range of programmes

The Wales Deanery operates a wide range of specialty training programmes for you to choose from including the Broad Based Training Programmes in West Wales and North Wales and lots of specialty training in other locations.

Development options

Development options include the opportunities to train on a highly regarded Welsh Clinical Academic Track (WCAT) Fellowship and Welsh Clinical Leadership fellowships. By completing the Fellowship, you’ll be ideally placed to build and lead the transitional research from bench to bedside or improvements in the delivery of healthcare. 


There are flexible training options. You can train on a less than full-time basis (LTFT), and our Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) means you can take a break to gain additional clinical experience.

Range of locations

All recruits into GP Training in Wales can rank their preferred training scheme and Wales provides a range of opportunities across rural and urban settings and locations. 

Single lead employer

GP Trainees in Wales are supported throughout their placements by a single employer – meaning you get a more positive and consistent experience and access to professional HR services, with streamlined processes to deal with any issues you may have.  These levels of service apply equally to inductees and returners.

Shape the future

There are lots of opportunities for doctors to work together with others to exploit technology and develop news and improved services that will enhance patient care.  

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