Searching For Your Next Primary Care Role - Why use us?

There is so much choice at present, but please don’t assume one surgery is the same as the next!

Each practice is approaching the difficulties in General Practice in different ways…

Some practices are going to be a lot easier to work in than others; we know what to look out for, and we can provide you with this information prior to a visit, so you can make the best choice, first time round.

We remove the surprises and unknowns from the process, helping you to avoid wasting your time with a practice, that is not going to be compatible with your needs.

We listen, we won’t make any assumptions, even if the role we’ve discussed isn’t right just now, we’ll keep you informed about the right things in the future.

We handle exclusive vacancies, that simply aren’t being advertised elsewhere. Working with us means that you’ll have access to a higher percentage, of the quality vacancies, in your area.

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Candidate Testimonials

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in finding me a job. This was the first time I'd spoken to anyone from a recruitment agency. I was somewhat nervous about this and you talked me through what to expect and really seem to have endeavoured to match me to a suitable practice and vice versa. 
You have kept me informed about things throughout proceedings and I really appreciate the extra time you have spent and help you have given me. You have changed my opinion of recruiting agencies, significantly for the better.
Dr Lynwen Phillips
GP Partner
Tadley Medical Partnership, Berkshire

I just wanted to thank you for finding me a GP role that is such a good fit.
You will recall that we met regarding a different post which ultimately did not work out. I had never worked with a recruitment agent before and never imagined that you would then go on to take the time and trouble to find me another post and one to which, in hindsight, I am much better suited.
My current position has worked out better than I ever could have predicted. This is directly due to your really listening to me and thinking about both my and the practice's needs and I just wished to say how much this was appreciated.
Dr Samantha Sewell
Salaried GP 
Worthing Medical Group

It is nearly 3 months since I have been in my new position and I wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to you for helping me secure it.
From the very outset you have been professional, polite and courteous right through the negotiation process.
A couple of months into my contract, when I was encountered with an issue, which I was not sure who to take up with, on contacting you, you kindly dealt with and clarified extremely promptly and for which, I am very grateful.
May I wish you well in your future endeavours, and thank you once again for your time and effort.
Dr Surajit Mukherjee 
Salaried GP 
Bramingham Park Medical Centre, Luton


I would like to write about the very positive experience I had dealing with one of your employees, Mr. James Truswell. I enlisted the help of your recruitment agency as I was moving from Portsmouth to Bristol in September 2017 and having never lived in the area, I did not know where to start, regarding applying for jobs in General Practice. James made contact very soon after me uploading my details on your site and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with from then on. 
He made the task of finding a new job and organising interviews relatively stress free. He was always extremely friendly and knowledgeable and if he was not able to answer my questions at first, he would promptly find the answer and contact me back. He put me in touch with GP practices which perfectly fit my job specifications and I am extremely happy in my new job. 
I would like to send my sincerest thanks to James for making the transition from Portsmouth to Bristol so easy. 
Dr Nina Kapoor 
Salaried GP
Mendip Vale Medical Practice 

Dear James,
I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your assistance in finding my new post. 
At the time you first made contact, I was in a bit of a rut and was at the pre-contemplation stage of change. You supported me in the completion of my CV, listened carefully and really understood my needs to address a better work-life balance.
The information you provided about the various suitable posts over the phone were always backed up with a formal email report. You were never biased and always provided the pros and cons of each post, and I commend you for your honesty. I was also grateful that you negotiated my contract on my behalf, spending the time to calculate the benefits of each post to help me make that final decision. Even then I didn't go for the most profitable, as you quite rightly pointed out the team was a good fit for me. 
Now, a year on in the post, the "honeymoon period" has passed and a really know my team. Both my husband and I have noticed a change, where I am less stressed, less over worked and in a better position to start my family. Whilst I appreciate that this is your job and that this is expected of you, your approach was exemplary. I truly mean it when I say you went the extra mile and you were my catalyst for change. I thank you for that. Your attitude, support, guidance, and commitment to finding the right job for me is outstanding and I sure this work ethic will get you far. You are an asset to Menlo Park recruitment, and an example of what a recruitment specialist should be.
Take care (and don't work too hard!)
Dr Nadine Burrows
Salaried GP
Bishopston Medical Practice, Bristol