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Closer Match GP

GP employers can take a long time to fill their vacancies

According to a Pulse Today survey, about 17% of the GP positions in the UK were unfilled in  2022. Some of the clients who contact us, have had their GP vacancy(ies) live for more than a year.

GP candidates can lack visibility and insights about the opportunities

Whilst there are a lot of opportunities available to GP candidates, obtaining pertinent information can be challenging. The job search process can involve a substantial time investment and also carries the potential of overlooking more suitable opportunities.

Better Match and Faster…

For Healthcare Organisations, our sophisticated matching process, coupled with a detailed General Practice knowledge from our Consultants, allow them to significantly reduce their time to hire whilst obtaining a good match for their organisation. Therefore, the fees that we charge represent a cost saving for them, compared to the cost of prolonged use of locums, and repeated advertising costs. It is also risk free as we work on a success basis.


GP Candidates can contact us, and, within a very short amount of time, they can be presented with a shortlist of opportunities that closely align with their specific requirements. This shortlist frequently encompasses insights that may not be discernible from standard job adverts, or opportunities that are simply not present on job adverts. * Our services to candidates are free of charge.

Our story Closer Match GP was launched in 2021, after noticing the challenges that both employers and candidates were facing during the recruitment process.

It was founded by a team of experienced recruitment professionals with a passion for healthcare and innovation.

After a successful launch at a local level, we are expanding now our services to soon cover all the UK.

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