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We're looking for General Practitioners to join our Urgent Care Centres (UCCs). Greenbrook Healthcare is the leading provider of Primary Care Led UCCs in and around London. As a GP working with us you will have the opportunity to develop your skills working alongside Emergency Nurse Practitioners and seeing a wide variety of patient presentations.

We’re committed to putting patients first and delivering high quality patient care. We’re a clinically led organisation with a supportive operational team to ensure your time is spent treating your patients. Although the patients you’ll see will remain within your skillset as a GP, it's a different working environment to traditional GP Practice – there is more team working and you’ll have more time with your patients.

We offer flexible working to fit around your commitments. Permanent GPs have access to the NHS pension scheme and up to six weeks annual leave and two weeks study leave plus other benefits. We can also offer guaranteed sessions to independent GPs (via Service Level Agreements) and regular ad-hoc sessions for self-employed GPs (bank shifts). In short, we can find the work to suit you.

As a Greenbrook GP, you’ll have the option to work from any of the services we’ve described above, creating a portfolio role to suit you.

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