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  • How to tailor your CV for a GP partner role

    • 12 Feb 2018
    • TopCV

    Laura Sullivan at TopCV shares her advice on how to tailor your CV for a GP partner role

  • Write a strong cover letter with these top keywords

    • 30 May 2017
    • Prospect Health

    Prospect Health shares examples of top keywords to include in your cover letter to give you the best chance of securing an interview

  • How to create an effective CV to land a new medical job

    • 30 Jan 2017
    • Prospect Health

    Applying for a new medical role? Colin Molyneux, training and development manager at Prospect Health, shares his CV tips

  • Should I include a professional profile in my GP CV?

    • 8 Apr 2016

    A guide to writing your GP professional profile

  • 5 key points for a compelling cover letter for GPs

    • 22 Feb 2016
    • Neville Rose

    A guide to writing cover letters for GPs

  • What is the right tone for a GP CV?

    • 17 Aug 2015
    • Neville Rose

    Strike the right balance between sounding professional and showing your personality

  • Writing a person specification: a key to effective recruitment

    • 20 Jun 2014

    Creating a person specification will clarify your recruitment needs and protect you against potential discrimination claims, writes Fiona Dalziel

  • Gaps in employment? Don’t ignore them

    • 18 Jun 2014

    Ignoring gaps in your CV may lead hiring managers to disregard your application making it a risk not worth taking when it comes to applying for your dream job.

  • CV Writing Service for GPs

    • 3 Oct 2012
    • GP Jobs

    A professionally written CV will open doors. Get a FREE CV review from our CV writing partners….