Write a strong cover letter with these top keywords

Written by: Prospect Health
Published on: 30 May 2017

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Prospect Health shares examples of top keywords to include in your cover letter to give you the best chance of securing an interview 

When you’re applying for your next GP job, the first thing a prospective employer will read is your cover letter, so you need to make sure it’s strong enough to convince them to invite you to an interview.

Using active language is a must for your cover letter as it shows your are taking responsibility for your statements. The active voice more closely resembles spoken language - when we speak, we generally use the active voice without thinking. For example, you wouldn’t say ‘My team was motivated by me’, you would rather say ‘I motivated my team to…’

With that in mind, Prospect Health has put together a handy list of examples of active words you can choose from to help you draft a powerful cover letter.

To show your personal qualities:

word cloud 1

To demonstrate how you work with others:

Word cloud 2

To show responsibility for others:

Word cloud 3

To explain how you’ve made things better (don’t forget to quantify):

Word cloud 4

To show your information / data handling skills:

Word cloud 5

To demonstrate how you’ve shared information with others:

Word cloud 6

To show you’ve taken the initiative:

Word cloud 7To show your organisation and planning skills:

Word cloud 8

To show your effectiveness in persuading others:

Word cloud 9To demonstrate your achievements and going the extra mile:

Word cloud 10This article is based on a career advice piece from Prospect Health: Covering letter keywords


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