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Why I chose to train in Wales: Nyasha Mudondo, trainee GP, NHS Wales

Written by: NHS Wales
Published on: 1 Feb 2018

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Rhyl-based trainee GP, Nyasha Mudondo, explains why she chose to do her medical training in North Wales

Nyasha Mudondo

Originally from Manchester, Rhyl-based trainee GP, Nyasha Mudondo, chose to do her medical training in North Wales. Nyasha has been overwhelmed by the support she has received from her tutors and peers since moving to Wales.  

She explains:

“When it was time to start my medical training I wanted to be close to my home in Manchester but also find a good work-life balance — and Wales ticked all of the boxes. 

“Since starting my junior doctor training in Wales, I get all the support I need from my fantastic tutors who are all friendly, helpful and have my best interests at heart. They’re always encouraging trainees to start thinking about opportunities for progression and development for our careers later on in life. I’m still at a relatively early stage of my medical career but already I know that lots of my friends outside of Wales aren’t getting the same level of support as I am. 

Trainee and qualified GPs in Wales can enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • FINANCIAL INCENTIVES: Trainees can receive a £20,000 financial incentive to train as a GP in certain parts of Wales and remain in the area during training and for one year of practice afterwards.
  • ONE-OFF PAYMENT: A one-off payment for GP speciality programme trainees starting their training in 2018, to cover the first sitting of the Clinical Skills Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test.
  • SUPPORT TO RELOCATE: You could benefit from relocation support & family-friendly policies, including flexible hours, childcare vouchers and on-site crèche facilities.
  • A LIFETIME OF PROGRESS: By joining the NHS in Wales, you’ll discover a culture where we never stop learning, where skills and knowledge are shared openly, and where personal development is hugely important. 
  • WORLD-CLASS RESEARCH & RESOURCES: You’ll have the opportunity to develop a portfolio career and work at the cutting edge of medicine in a variety of environments.

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“I’ve been so impressed with Wales. My peers and seniors have all been absolutely amazing to work with, and my patients are just as great. A big part of my decision to train as a GP is that I love being around people, so I feel particularly grateful to be surrounded by friendly patients — but I think this is a trait unique to Wales! 

“I have already decided I want to stay in Wales long-term. Besides all of the positive benefits with my work and training, I love how easy it is for me to escape to the beach or to go out and discover mountains and waterfalls in my free time. I can’t recommend Wales highly enough — in fact, I convinced one of my medical school friends to switch to Wales. Now he’s loving it too.”

To find out more about working and training in Wales:-

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