Free guide: Why become a tier 2 visa sponsor?

Written by: Prospect Health
Published on: 10 Jul 2018

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With recent headlines of government strategies to increase the number of GPs, and their plans to extend the number of visas available to medical professionals outside of the EU, Prospect Health has had a look at the benefits and practicalities of becoming a tier 2 visa sponsor.

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As a tier 2 visa sponsor you have exclusive access to British medically trained GPs who, without a sponsor to work for, would either be pushed into hospital roles or left with no choice but to leave the UK if they want to practice as a GP. Their visa as a student does not extend once they have completed their studies and this means they cannot work as a GP without finding a GP practice that can offer them one.

The benefits of becoming a tier 2 visa sponsor are simple – access to a pool of GPs who will otherwise leave the UK and take their British medical training with them. The short term cost of becoming a sponsor is quickly outweighed by the long term benefit of employing a GP whose visa lasts for five years and are then usually granted the right to remain.

Prospect Health’s FREE GUIDE is available now and takes you through:

  • What is the tier 2 visa sponsorship?
  • The benefits to GP practices
  • How to apply
  • What it costs
  • Where to apply

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"As a GP practice it makes perfect sense in the current climate to become a tier 2 visa sponsor. Due to our relationships with universities we’re regularly contacted by GP registrars looking for practices that offer visas and at the moment there appears to be more GPs than available visas. 

"From a business case it’s a no-brainer to apply, as the long term benefits and exclusive pool of candidates it opens means practices could easily resolve their recruitment crisis.


- Jason Dunn, GP business development manager, Prospect Health

For a general overview of becoming a tier 2 visa sponsor this FREE DOWNLOAD is a must read and should you wish to discuss this further or any other recruitment related topics please do not hesitate to contact the Prospect Health GP team on 01423 813454 or

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