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When “thank you” seem to be the hardest words

Written by: Prospect Health
Published on: 20 Feb 2017

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Prospect Health, the healthcare recruitment specialist, explains the power of a “thank you” in the workplace

As a healthcare worker, you and your colleagues most likely put your hearts and souls into your job. But when was the last time your employer thanked you for the work you do or any extra work you have done? When was the last time you thanked someone who works for you?

Many GPs and other healthcare staff work long hours. You surrender your weekends and late nights to help patients and to assist your bosses. You may not even expect a financial reward for going above and beyond. How would you feel if you got a “thank you” more often? In many cases, this is what your employees and colleagues would appreciate too.

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As an employer, you may not realise the power of a “thank you” and it can be hard to say it to someone else when you feel you’re probably putting in long hours too. But think of how it could impact on your working environment and how you relate to others. 


Saying thank you could:

  • Increase your employees’ motivation to do a good job, which in turn benefits you and your patients
  • Make employees feel valued in their role, and more likely to stay longer and perform better
  • Make employees feel like the work they have done is respected and appreciated
  • Increase productivity and therefore profitability of your organisation
  • Make you feel good too!

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