Planning for a SMART 2016

Written by: Nyasha Hernandez
Published on: 19 Jan 2016

As a GP you’re used to working long and hard to get to an end goal - through six plus years of school and training. But there’s always more learning and progress to be gained in the GP sector.

If you’re looking for a new job or wanting to move your career onto the next step, setting SMART goals will help you on your way to achieving your goals.


SMART goals are good for setting achievable career goals. They’ll help you climb the career ladder at an attainable and manageable pace.

S- Specific

Aim to reach specific goals rather than general goals. Think about what you really want out of the end goal when you have your specific achievement in mind.

Look for the reasons as to why you want to achieve a certain goal. It will provide clarity and help you actualise an end goal.

M- Measurable

Make sure your goals are measurable. It will help give you a timeline of when you want to achieve your goal, give you a sense of how your are going to reach it and how much progress you are making towards it.

If you want to attain 90 CPD credits by the end of the year, set yourself monthly deadlines and targets to achieve it.

A- Attainable

Making your goals attainable doesn’t mean copping out and making them easy or unchallenging, it just means making your end goal more realistic. If it’s too challenging, you may find yourself giving up on your long term goal.

If you’re job hunting, apply for one job per day - this way you can actively tackle the job market.

R- Relevant

Make sure your goals remain relevant to your values.

If you’re more interested in working in a small community and developing your patient relationship skills then tailor your goals to suit.

T- Timely

Give yourself clear set deadlines. Set objectives to give yourself motivation to complete your goals.

Keep an online diary with your objective dates set in as reminders on certain dates. When you reach the date, ensure you’ve completed the objective - this way you’ll be a little closer to your goals.

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