Is it better for GPs and the NHS to be in or out of the EU?

Written by: Prospect Health
Published on: 22 Jun 2016

Prospect Health has summarised the main arguments for staying in or leaving the EU.


There is no doubt that the decision over whether to stay in or leave the EU will have an impact on the NHS and ultimately GP jobs.

Here is a summary of reasons to stay in and also the counter argument to leave.

Reasons to stay in the EU:

  • Jeremy Hunt has said the NHS would face further budget cuts and skills gaps if we leave the EU.
  • 55,000 immigrants from the EU work in the NHS, providing services in the UK.
  • The European labour market is key to staffing the NHS.

Reasons to leave the EU:

  • Millions of pounds could be freed up for the NHS.
  • Open door immigration means the NHS can’t know how many patients they will have tomorrow, let alone next year.
  • The Working Time Directive prevents many hospitals from calling in staff to cover absence.

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