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Interview tip: non-verbal communication cues

Published on: 6 May 2015

Prospect Health offers some sage advice on using non-verbal communication during interviews and the benefits of utilising the technique to make yourself look your best in front of your interviewer. Here's what we've gathered from their post.


Focus on a good handshake and a sincere opening

Make a good impression with your interviewer by focusing on a firm and confident handshake. Instead of a nervous "Hi", try beginning by introducing yourself and asking how they are or throw in a conversational remark. This sets a relaxed tone for your interview, allowing both yourself and your interviewer to feel more comfortable after the introductions are over.

Try to maintain good posture throughout the interview

Good posture exudes confidence and commands quiet authority and respect. A relaxed walk with your head held high, as well as a straight-backed seated position, allows you to be perceived as being equally approachable and professional.


Listen and maintain eye contact

This shows that you are attentive and responsive to you interviewer and that you are engaged in the conversation. Maintaining eye contact is all about moderation - don't stare intensely! Breaking eye contact between questions and pauses in conversation shows that you are thinking about the conversation.

Mirror the interviewer's body language - to an extent

You don't have to copy everything they do (they reach for a sip of water with their right hand, you reiterate this motion with your left). Mirroring body language appropriately is really just taking the friendly social cues from another person and reacting to them. For example, laughing lightly at a joke or nodding along to show that you are following the course of a story.


Stay calm and relaxed

However anxious you may feel about your interview process, it is important to remain as calm as possible through its duration. Being relaxed will improve your posture and demeanour, allowing you to feel more confident therefore appearing more confident.Take a deep breath and steel your nerves. 


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