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How to tailor your CV for a GP partner role

Written by: TopCV
Published on: 12 Feb 2018

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Laura Sullivan at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, shares her advice on how to tailor your CV for a GP partner role.

If you’re looking to apply for a GP partner position, follow this guide to tailoring your CV which will help you showcase your suitability and prove why you’re the ideal applicant for this job.

Identify where you match up

Before you begin to tailor your CV, you need to determine what you should mention in the document that shows that you are a match for the GP partner role.
Take a few moments to analyse the job description and highlight the key requirements. Compare them with the qualities and abilities listed on your CV. You want to make sure that you can immediately see the requirements of the job on your CV as prospective employers will be on the lookout for these terms.
GP partner positions rely on industry experience and professional, wholesome qualities. Therefore, some common keywords listed on GP partner job specs include, ‘friendly’, ‘supportive, ‘progressive’, ‘leader’, ‘excellent communication’, ‘well organised’, and, of course, ‘registered GP’.

Target your profile

Your professional profile sits at the top of your CV and is the first section a prospective employer will read. Therefore, it must make a positive impact.
Your profile should reveal three key things about you, including your profession and status, what you can offer the organisation, and what your career goals are. While you can keep this section general, we advise that you tailor it specifically towards the job you’re applying for to make it clear from the start that you’re suitable for the job.
Ensure that you directly reference the critical requirements mentioned in the job spec to show why you’re the ideal candidate immediately. Also, tweak your profile so that your career goals match the job title. For example, you might be looking for either a salaried or partner role, but if the job you’re applying for is a GP partner, scrap the reference to salaried to target your profile appropriately.

Reference keywords

The next stage of tailoring your CV to a GP partner role is peppering relevant keywords from the job description throughout the document. This is to make it clear where you match up to the job in question.

For example, if the role seeks a GP to join a ‘very supportive’ and ‘high-performing’ environment, and this is something you have experience in, reference these keywords in your CV when talking through your employment history. Go one step further by providing specific evidence. What have you achieved that shows you’re a very supportive and high-performing GP? Details will reinforce your abilities and prove why you’re the ideal person for this job.

Be selective with your skills and experience

Tailoring your CV doesn’t only involve adding and tweaking relevant details; it also includes omitting points that are of no use to prospective employers.

If you have several bullet points that refer to abilities not listed in the job description, consider removing them from your CV, or reducing the detail slightly. Not only will this help your relevant skills shine, but it will also create more room on your CV to discuss the skills that prove your compatibility in more detail.

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