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GP workplace survey reveals chronic staff shortages ahead

Written by: Jennifer Jackson
Published on: 24 May 2017

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Prospect Health has published new research on the supply and demand of the UK GP workforce

Some regions of the UK are at potential risk of being overwhelmed by GP staffing shortages in the next few years, according to the latest research from Prospect Health.

“Whilst most regions struggle to recruit either salaried GPs or partner GPs, some have a stretched supply of both kinds, putting further pressure on already-limited resources”, says Prospect Health.

GP workplace survey

In many cases there is a direct correlation between a region’s salaried and partner GPs in that an area with a strong supply of one typically has a weak supply of the other. 

For example, London has the greatest supply of salaried GPs anywhere in the UK, yet it is the worst supplied part of the UK for partner GPs.

The East Midlands is the worst supplied with GPs overall and the East of England fares only marginally better. “Both of these regions may already be trying to meet their GP shortage problem by relying on other staff such as nurse practitioners to carry out as many of a GP’s duties as they can”, adds Prospect Health.


On the other hand, the findings reveal that Wales is actually the worst supplied part of the UK with General Practice professionals overall, suggesting that it could benefit from more non-GP staff and possibly more salaried GPs, as it is among the best supplied regions for partner GPs.

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