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Flexible GP roles at One Health Lewisham

Written by: Jennifer Jackson
Published on: 27 Feb 2017

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Dr Rachel Forgan tells us about the portfolio career opportunities at One Health Lewisham and what it’s like to work there

Looking for a salaried GP role, locum GP role or a practice nurse role? One Health Lewisham is offering applicants the choice to work for its newly established 8-8 service; for the 8-8 service and a local practice; or for one or more practices. One post or a combination - it’s your choice! 


Glass Mill Leisure Centre, Loampit Vale, Lewisham

Tell us about One Health Lewisham and the work you do

One Health Lewisham (OHL) is a federation of all 40 General Practices within the London Borough of Lewisham, working collaboratively to ensure high quality, equitable, and sustainable primary care across Lewisham. It is wholly owned by the GP surgeries of Lewisham, together representing over 300,000 patients. We work on behalf of practices, patients, and staff to deliver healthcare services in the community.

Why would someone want to work for One Health Lewisham?

The Lewisham borough is a historic and vibrant place to work. Here at OHL we offer some unique flexible working opportunities - you can choose whether to work for our newly established 8-8 service; for the 8-8 service and a local practice; or for one or more practices - directly employed by them. One post or a combination - it’s your choice! Our video consultation service provides GPs with the ultimate flexibility and work life balance, enabling you to work from home and fit your job around any childcare or other commitments and we are developing innovative IT solutions to engage with patients.

Rachel Forgan

Dr Rachel Forgan: " The healthcare staff at OHL are great fun, committed, innovative and have many hidden interests and talents"

What roles are you recruiting for?

We are recruiting for our new 8-8 service as well as salaried GP, locum GP and practice nurse vacancies across a large number of Lewisham practices. We are a forward thinking organisation looking to help move services from hospital into the community, closer to our patients. If you have a special interest or expertise, why not come on board and work with OHL to develop a new community based service?

What kind of people are you looking for? 

With our range of opportunities we will be able to match your needs with our requirements, so whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced practitioner, wanting flexible work or bring other skills, get in touch with us so we can find your fit.  New ideas, enthusiasm, great team player and a desire to deliver high quality care for the people of Lewisham are key requisites.

BlackHeath Common

Blackheath Common: Lewisham has more parks and green spaces than any other London borough

What career challenges are health professionals currently facing? 

At OHL we understand the pressures on GPs and nurses at all stages in their careers. We are committed to supporting healthcare professionals to find a fulfilling role. Some GPs are feeling burnt out by administrative burdens, and want to reshape their work to be more patient focussed. Others want the opportunity to progress their leadership or develop specialist clinical skills. Our range of opportunities can support you in your career progression.

What training and development opportunities do you offer?

We offer salaried GPs and practice nurses one week’s CPD leave each year so they can take time out to focus on their professional development.  OHL delivers a monthly educational programme in each of the four Lewisham neighbourhoods, which gives you an opportunity to learn and network with your peers. We have a dynamic Community Education Provider Network which offers a range of educational opportunities. We also have Protected Learning Events and Specific Education such as leadership programmes and diabetes training, run by Lewisham CCG.

What exciting projects is One Health Lewisham working on?

We are in the process of establishing a new service: a staff bank providing GP, nurse and administrative cover to practices as needed. All of our practices use EMIS Web and we have invested in EMIS Clinical Services and Remote Consultation so all clinicians will be able to see and write into the patient’s usual GP record as if you were a locum working at that patient’s practice. Therefore, for indemnity purposes, all shifts are classified to be routine sessions and not as OOH sessions.

Sum up what it’s like to work for One Health Lewisham

Lewisham is a fantastic place to work, the healthcare staff are great fun, committed, innovative and have many hidden interests and talents - did you know one practice does a Christmas play? And you will discover many other hidden treasures. When I arrived as a young GP in Lewisham in 1999, I planned to leave within five years. Now, in 2017, I have many fantastic colleagues, developed skills I didn't know I could and am proud to say I am a Lewisham GP.

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