3 tips to help you recruit the best GPs

Written by: Jennifer Jackson
Published on: 25 Jan 2017

Jack Diamond, account manager at GP Jobs, offers top tips to help you recruit the best GPs for your practice or healthcare organisation

Finding the right talent can be tough. In this video interview, Jack Diamond offers his advice on how to create a powerful job ad, the importance of employer branding and why you need to invest in more than just a job listing.

Create a powerful job advert

Creating a powerful job advert enables you to capture the attention of top candidates. Keep your job copy short and specific, otherwise candidates will lose interest. Make sure you specify exactly the type of candidate you’re looking for - part time, full time salaried GP, locum or  partner GP.  These specifics will make your ad more targeted and more likely to attract the right candidates. Be sure to specify the salary and any other remuneration and benefits that you offer such as pension and health cover. Lastly, keep your application method simple and online  - don’t ask for long paper applications by post. Make it accessible and easy to send their application directly to an email address.

Champion your practice as an ‘employer of choice’

Make sure you emphasise what makes you stand out from other employers and why a GP would want to come and work for you rather than any other practices in your area. Tell them about the culture of your organisation. Do you offer flexible working options, a generous leadership development package, or any other training and career progression opportunities? Talk about any awards you have won, or if you’ve received a high CQC Rating. If you’d like to promote the benefits of working for your organisation, we can offer you a bespoke interview and Q&A article which can be published on GP Jobs and GP Online, creating maximum awareness for your organisation.

Invest in more than just a job listing

Advertising with just a job listing is likely to get you a response, but you could boost the quality and volume of response considerably if you invest more into your campaign. For example, you could advertise on the GP Online homepage or have a bespoke e-mail sent to all candidates within your local area giving them direct engagement with your job advert. 

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